Commercial Screen Capture Software

There are a number of software packages on the market to create screencasts. Take a look at usability, features and your specific requirements. You can purchase most of the packages discussed here online.

Commercial products

Among the commercial tools Camtasia Studio is an interesting one. Its native capture file format is a pure video format (codec), which is different from the static images captured by other programs. Camtasia Studio is a comprehensive package and if you are new to screencasting, prepare for spending some time in learning how to work with it. And if you have the time to master it, you can make really impressive professional demos with many audio- and visual effects.

BB Flashback is another leader in the commercial category. As with Camtasia Studio, you need a very powerful computer, if you want to record full-screen movies. Its editing features are not as superb as those of Camtasia, even editing parts of audio does not work as it should and you'd better re-narrate the text, but still BB Flashback is pretty cool if you want to delve professionally into screencasting.

Macromedia Captivate (formerly known as RoboDemo) is a traditional player on this market. No surprise, it also consumes shamelessly the resources of your computer. Its interface is beautiful and its capabilities are simply marvellous. Macromedia Captivate is ages ahead of its competitors in terms of fluid movie processing abilities, the consecutive rendering of images, and incredible extras like scored tests and database access.

Qarbon ViewletCam and Viewlet Builder (both sold by the same company but are very different from one another) are two other commercial products that are suitable for creating professional screencasts. ViewletCam does not have the rich feature set of Macromedia Captivate or Camtasia Studio but it is cheaper than them, while still offering enough features and a convenient graphic interface. An advantage of Viewlet Builder is that it is written in Java and can be installed on many operating systems, for instance Linux.

!Quick Screen Capture is a tool from Etrusoft that helps you to take multiple screen shots.

A related product is Quick Screen Recorder, a video screen capture, screen recording tool used for recording screen activity into standard AVI video files. Both tools are made for Windows. The purpose of this article was to give you a brief idea of what screencasting software is available on the market.

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