Introduction to screen capturing

This is our renewed screencast resource. We discuss software, techniques and technologies and offer suggestions and tutorials to create the best onscreen demonstrations. We also have a useful resource directory that hopefully may direct you towards the best screencast stuff online.

The term “screencasting” has been invented recently (in 2004) but even more a decade ago there had been programs (Lotus ScreenCam) that allowed to create screencasts.

Screencasting basics

It sounds so similar to broadcasting and podcasting that maybe the name itself suggests what screencasting is about: recording (capturing) the screen activity of a software program in order to create a movie, which you can later show to your audience.

Basically, screencasting is capturing sequences of pictures of the screen (also referred to as screen capture), linking them together and adding recorded audio narration to all this.

The newest approach is to film the onscreen activity as a continuous movie, rather than capture separate images (screenshots) and link them later. It might sound difficult to do but in reality it isn't. Although there is no doubt that having some technical knowledge about screen capture technologies can help you in making better demo movies, even beginners can create a simple one.